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What happen after I have made my booking?


iJamuMassage will contact you via email or phonecall as soon as possible to confirm your booking and to proceed with payment . After transfer has been made, please contact us again with transaction reference and we will mail the official receipt to you. 


Booking is only confirm upon our receipt of payment. 


When can I start my massage after delivery?


For normal delivery, you may start after 5 - 7 days. For Caesarean section, you may start only after 3 to 4 weeks of delivery. This is to allow your wound to heal and that you have a more beneficial session because any pressure applied near the abdomen after the C-section may cause uncomfortable pain and problems. 

What happen after I have delivered?


Kindly inform us by sms or whatsapp and we will arrange the start of the sessions accordingly. 

How do I prepare for a massage session?


Please prepare a mattress and a bath towel. If mattress is not available, massage will be done on the bed. However, do note that the pressure applied will not be the same as a mattress on the floor. 


We will also appreciate it if our post natal customers have express their milk prior to the massage so as to prevent engorgement and delays.  Do note that if therapists have been waiting for you for more than 30 minutes to begin the session, the therapists reserve the right to shorten the massage session to keep to the allocated time of the next customer. 





How long should the binder be on?

Binder should remain on for a minimum of 8 hrs to ensure effectiveness. 



Can I arrange my session to be on alternate days?


We recommend for the sessions to be on consecutive days to ensure effectiveness. 


Frequently Asked Questions 



When is the best time of the day to schedule a massage?

Try to have your massage just after you have fed and changed your little one. If all their needs are met, you are more likely to find an hour or two in which he/she does not ask for you. It will then be easier to leave him/her with another family member or trusted babysitter for a while. 



When do I make the balance payment?


Balance payment is to be made on the first day of the session.

Kindly prepare cash as a form of payment on the day itself. Alternatively, customer could do a transfer 

before or after the session in the presence of the therapist. 


What happen if I have to cancel the appointment for that day?

A minimum of 6 hours notice is required for us to plan a reschedule for you. 


In the event that the therapist has already arrive at your place and has been waiting for you for more than 30 mins, we reserve the right to shorten the massage session. This is to ensure that the therapist is able to keep to the allocated time of the next customer. 

I have been calling iJamuMassage but no one is answering my call?

Your call is important to us. However, we may be out and about on a massage session. Please leave us a voice message, SMS or whatsapp us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to answer to your queries. 



Got other questions?

Can I cancel or shorten my session?

Cancellation is subject to a non refundable deposit because once your booking is confirm we would have reserve the slots specially for you. This also applies to shortening of package session. 


For extension of sessions, please inform us by the third session and you will just need to top up the difference.




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